Questions To Ask When Viewing An Apartment

When you are viewing an apartment there are a number of questions that you should ask the landlord or letting agent. These questions will help you determine if this is the right apartment for you. You should not be afraid to ask these questions and if you are not able to get proper answers then you should not agree to anything.

Are The Utilities Included?

One of the most important questions that you need to ask is whether or not the utilities are included in the rental price. If the rental price is at the top end of what you can afford and the utilities are not included then you might not be able to afford the apartment. If the utilities are not included then you could contact the utility provider to get an estimate of the costs in many cases.

What Is The Parking Situation?

If you have a car then you need to know what the parking situation is going to be. Will you have a designated parking spot or does the parking work on a first come basis? You should also find out about how many parking spaces you will be allowed to use as some apartment complexes will only allow one parking space per apartment.

Is There Additional Storage Available?

Ideally, you are going to get an apartment that will have enough space for everything that you own. However, it is always important to find out if there is additional storage space in case you need it. Some apartments will come with a storage shed that you can rent for an additional fee. There are other apartments that offer additional storage to all tenants free of charge.

Under What Circumstances Can The Landlord Terminate The Lease?

This is a question that many people do not ask, but it is very important. If you want to break your lease there is usually a fee that you have to pay, but what happens when the landlord wants to break the lease. You should find out if there are any circumstances where you can be asked to leave the property without warning and what the warning time will be. Some landlords have the right to terminate the lease at any time and ask the tenants to move out within a week.

It is important that all of the information you get from these questions is listed in the rental contract. If the information is not in the contract then it is not legally binding and you will have no recourse.