3 Top Tourist Attractions In Maryland

Maryland is one of the most popular states in America and there are many reasons why. There are a lot of top notch tourist attractions on MD. If you want to know what some of the best attractions are, then read the rest of this article.

1. The Ocean City Boardwalk- While in MD, you’ll want to visit Ocean City and take a stroll along the boardwalk. There are a lot of fun things you can do, such as checking out the different amusement rides you can enjoy or you can view sunsets over the bay. You’ll also be able to watch fireworks, try some steamed crabs or you can go fishing and make a day of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking adventure or if you want to relax, the boardwalk has something for everyone, so make sure you visit it while in MD.

2. Fort McHenry- One of the best places to visit in MD is Fort McHenry because it is rich with history. During the War of 1812, the area was defended against the invading British and it is where the Star-Spangled Banner flag flew after the British were defeated. Not only will you be standing on a piece of history, but you can hangout and relax while watching the nearby boats and viewing the surrounding area. You will love the area and you can easily spend a good portion of your day there and it’s a great place to bring the entire family.

3. The Carroll County Farm Museum- This museum is one of the most popular museums in Westminster and it was built back in 1852. It features six rooms that contain antiques and you will be able to watch a variety of artisan demonstrations, including black-smithing and weaving. If you are a fan of wine, then you will want to visit the museum because the MD Wine Festival is held there every year in the month of September. If you aren’t a fan of wine, then make sure you still visit the museum because it is worth going to at any point of the year.

Those three tourist attractions are worth visiting from anywhere. If you plan on visiting Maryland, then visit those attractions first. After you do that, make sure you take the time to see what else the state has to offer because those are only a few of the many attractions.